Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance during important Jewish lifecycle events, searching for support during medical treatments, or looking for a home away from home while studying at one of the many local medical facilities, Chabad of Southern Minnesota is here for you. Chabad is more than just a Minnesota synagogue, it’s a family. 

To everyone at Chabad,

It is a wonderful blessing to have you in the community! I enjoy the events I've been able to attend the food always delicious! Thank you for the teachings, insights and words of encouragement at events & the emails which I so look forward to.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind deeds to better our community as God would like.


L. G.

“Chabad came into our lives this winter following the birth of our 4th child, a son. As is customary in Judaism, boys are circumcised in a Jewish ceremony called a Bris.

Our family lives in a small rural community in SE Minnesota with a population of 1020 people. I anxiously made several phone calls to Jewish organizations where I was left feeling anxious and turned away.

I then found the number for Chabad and hesitantly called. Rabbi Shloime answered the phone and greeted me kindly and eagerly. He listened to my request, answered my questions and enthusiastically informed me that he would help us to make this Bris, this right of passage happen for our son! He not only found a Mohel to perform the ceremony, but given that we had no family that lives near us he offered his family to come celebrate this joyous event with us.

Rabbi Shloime, his wife Chana and his father Rabbi David Greene, drove over an hour to our home, over an hours drive from Rochester, they brought traditional food and wine for the ceremony and celebration.

They showed our family perfect strangers such kindness. Our family is so thankful for Chabad for bringing my heritage back into my family's life and for being there in times of celebration and in times of need.

S. T. 


"Chabad is a spiritual, social and supportive center for all. When my wife and I were visiting Mayo Clinic for various treatments and a liver transplant we were welcomed at this wonderful place.

We came first at the first evening of the Hanukkah holiday, and had the opportunity to light the first candle of the Menorah.  After the transplantation, Rabbi Greene, along with his son, visited me in the hospital and were very supportive. I was visited by Rebbetzin Chanie as well, and she brought me her wonderful Challah bread and a lot of cookies, all handmade.

They are always in good mood and optimistic and there is always a warm and familiar atmosphere and this spirit of theirs, transferred to all of us, is so important in hard times. It is always a pleasure to be at their company, and those moments with them, we will always treasure and cherish."

Mark Yeshanov

“Well over a year ago I, along with a guardian of a couple of individuals supported by my agency (HH), sought assistance from Chabad. We met with Rabbis’ Greene and the experience, not only tremendously enhanced any knowledge we had; a mutual, community-based relationship began.

We talked about many things, especially what an individual with severe disabilities may mean in terms of our spiritual beliefs and just as humans. Ever since that first visit, I know the situations we brought to them are on their minds, with the center tenderly reconnecting a family, seeking resources for an individual to someday have a traditional Jewish burial, volunteers from Chabad visiting individuals around special celebrations and even choosing our agency to assist with a “Hamantash (cookie) Bake”.

Thank you for welcoming us that first day and reciprocating with so much kindness since.” 

Carol Brogan - Advocate and Admissions Coordinator Hiawatha Homes

Dear Friend of Chabad-Lubavitch of Rochester,

I am writing this letter after having had treatment for liver cancer and had a liver transplant 4 month ago.

My name is Oz Eliezer. I am the CEO of a company called Secure4u Ltd. which is located in Israel and I was diagnosed with PSC and Cholangiocarcinoma two and a half years ago.

I came to Rochester to visit the Mayo Clinic after consulting with my local doctor who advised me to come to Mayo Clinic to get an assessment of my condition (In my country there aren't sufficient tools and experience with dealing with this kind of disease).

I am a Jew living in Israel, and when I first came for treatment at Mayo Clinic I met Rabbi David Greene from the Chabad house. He his family and the entire Chabad community are amazing people which helped me a lot. From the minute I met them they helped me and contributed a lot to my wellbeing.

Many times, Rabbi Greene kept me company. Every time I arrived for an appointment or treatment, which happened every 2 months, Rabbi Greene and Chabad were there for me. More recently I stayed for 5 months straight waiting for a transplant. It was especially through the latter most difficult time that Chabad was there to be with me even through the despairs of the disease and often dark times.

I am thankful to Rabbi Greene, his wife Chanie, his family and the entire Chabad family for all the help, support, concern and genuine care they have given me. They made me feel at home, even though my home is on the other side of the world.

Most of all, they were interested in my wellbeing and cared for me like a family and for that I'll be eternally grateful.

Oz Eliezer ~ Secure4u Ltd.


Chabad of Rochester, Minnesota is more than just an organization- they are a family. I cannot begin to describe the heartfelt work they continue to do everyday. When visiting Rochester it is usually as a medical student, medical professional, or a patient.

In my case, my mother was a patient at the Mayo Clinic. Imagine arriving to a place where the whole city revolves around this medical clinic. We didn't know how long we had to be there and we absolutely had no idea how we would last.

It was a very difficult journey. Aside from the medical aspect that was draining, we had to figure out where we would find kosher groceries and work with what we have to make meals in accordance to my mother's medical diet. We couldn't imagine staying in such a place long term.

After 3 years of treatments, this tiny city holds a special place in my heart, all because of the Chabad of Rochester. Rabbi David Greene and Rebbetzin Chanie Greene and their family, turned this tiny city into a home. They brought life to it and created the most beautiful community. Anyone and everyone passing through Rochester united at Chabad.

My mother and I met all sorts of amazing people, each one with their incredible story. In my mother's case she actually met her transplant donor at the Chabad. So not only did the Chabad provide us with a community and support, they actually gave me the best years with my mother. It was more than just support- it was a family.

From the meals at the hospital, countless visits, holiday parties, to the beautiful Shabbat meals - I can never thank them enough. They were present at every step.

They are a dream team. Each of one of their children, raised with such incredible values and character, have made my journey in Rochester a part of my life I will always remember.

They took the hardest times and made it meaningful. 

Bianca Benisti