How You May Wonder?

Our Hospitality Program continually seeks compassionate individuals willing to donate their time and make a positive impact on our community. Are you eager to be more involved? Do you know someone who may benefit from our program or have an organization in mind that we could contribute to the well-being of others? We invite you to stop by the Chabad of Southern Minnesota, where you can connect with our on-site administrator, Tatiana, check out our Volunteer page, or call 507-288-7500. Your involvement can make a significant difference, and we welcome anyone with a passion for community service. 

Our Smiles on Seniors experience is a program born from a heartfelt request for companionship. Smiles on Seniors seeks to answer this by extending a compassionate hand to residents infusing warmth into their hearts. This program is more than a response to those in need; it's an invitation to join our extended family, offering the attention and love that every individual craves and deserves. At Chabad, we believe that no one should be left alone, and our anticipation for these visits is filled with the promise of genuine connections. Our dedicated volunteers not only spend quality time with those they visit but also share their experiences, enriching our understanding and enhancing the care we provide.

‘Quotes from Volunteers’

"Smiles on Seniors is a great opportunity for me to get to know people in Rochester from the Jewish faith. I have the pleasure of bringing them treats and spending time with them in their homes. It means a lot to me that I can show them how loved they are!"

"Moving to Rochester I never expected to find a second family. Within the first week Chabad welcomed us and has since brought us so much ease and comfort. I want to provide visiting families the same warmth in return; through volunteering I have had the privilege of meeting people from all parts of the world and have found genuine fulfillment in these interactions. I’m looking forward to continuing the spread of light, and will forever be grateful to the Chabad for making Rochester feel like home!"

 "Amid assisting visitors in my daily tasks, I extend my efforts to participate in visits and deliveries for our hospitality programs. One exceptional experience stands out. A husband of a treatment patient contacted us, seeking soup from our MedCity kosher kitchen for his wife staying at a Rochester, MN hotel. Despite no response from his wife, I called back, requesting her hotel information. Armed with this, I arranged for a bowl of soup, which I personally delivered door-to-door. Upon answering, the woman, initially curious, welcomed me in. As she shared her medical journey and the challenges of her stay, I listened attentively. After hearing her story, I handed her the hot soup. She expressed gratitude, stating that our meeting felt destined. Her appreciation left me with a warm smile on my soul as I departed her inviting hotel room."

"Visiting our seniors brings forward stories from our past."