Moussia Hospitality provides extensive, caring support and assistance to patients and families visiting the Mayo Clinic from all over the world. From warm meals, child-care assistance, and personal counseling, it is a place of genuine, warm hospitality and care for everyone - regardless of race, color or creed.

Named after the late Lubavitcher Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka - Moussia- who is well regarded as a woman who was always there for her community serving as a mother for so many.

When a person comes to Rochester and is scared and needs assistance and a helping hand, Moussia Hospitality is there to care for them as she would her own child. You are never alone.


"Moussia Hospitality is a spiritual, social and supportive center for all. When my wife and I were visiting Mayo Clinic for various treatments and a liver transplant we were welcomed at this wonderful place. 

We came first at the first evening of the Hanukkah holiday, and had the opportunity to light the first candle of the Menorah.  After the transplant, the Chaplain - Rabbi Greene, along with his son, visited me in the hospital and were very supportive. I was visited by Rebbetzin Chanie as well, and she brought me her wonderful Challah bread and a lot of cookies, all handmade. 

They are always in good mood and optimistic and there is always a warm and familiar atmosphere and this spirit of theirs, transferred to all of us, is so important in hard times. It is always a pleasure to be at their company, and those moments with them, we will always treasure and cherish." 

-Mark Yeshanov