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Q: What are the Kosher Food options in Rochester?

A: Chabad offers a kosher takeout menu. To order, visit our website and email [email protected] and order 48 hours in advance.

Additionally there are some stores that offer kosher food. Trader Joe’s, Wal-Mart etc.

Chabad also hosts meals Friday night and Shabbat day.
Advanced (48 hours) reservations are required; no charge to reserve please call


Q: I am looking for a place to stay...

A: Lodging options we suggest include Doubletree, Aspen Suites, Aspen Select. These all have shuttles to & from Mayo.

For more lodging suggestions or info please call our office

Synagogue Services

Q: Do you offer services?
A: We have services Friday night (time based on week) and Shabbos day at 10:00am.

Q: Do you have a Minyan?
We usually have a Minyan on Shabbat mornings & with your help we probably will! You are always welcome to join us for kiddush and food.

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