JUDA Southern MN COVID-19 Guidelines

JUDA of Southern MN is excited to be offering in person JUDA sessions each week. The safety and wellbeing of our students is our number one priority. In accordance with CDC guidelines and local health authorities, together with guidance from medical experts with whom we have consulted, we are implementing a three tiered approach to help mitigate risk of COVID-19 spread and exposure:

1.     Health Screening: Prior to sending children to JUDA each Wednesday, parents will be required to complete an online survey screening their children for COVID- 19 symptoms, as well as possible exposure. Students who are showing symptoms or who have been exposed will not be allowed to attend JUDA that week.

2.     Mask Wearing: Students in grades K+, as well as all JUDA staff members, will be required to wear facemasks while in the building. Students will be taken outdoors for snack and mask breaks (while still maintaining proper physical distancing).

3.     Physical Distancing: Classrooms will be set up to accommodate proper physical distancing between students. Students will sit at individual desks, with each desk being positioned at least six feet apart from one another. Each student will receive their own individual supply kit for use each week to minimize contact.  

Hand Hygiene:

In addition to this three tiered approach, students will hand sanitize using Purell upon entering the building, as well as prior to leaving. Hand sanitizing stations will be installed at the entrances of the building. Students will be reminded about the importance of proper hand hygiene and hand washing.


In addition to our regular cleaning and sanitization schedules, our cleaning staff will sanitize the building between classes.