In these challenging times, do you find yourself wanting to pray? Are you plagued with doubt of how and what to say?

You are not alone. To many, prayer is an art reserved for the rabbi, a religious activity with very defined times. “Rabbi you pray for me”, is something you may have recently heard.

Now is your chance to unleash the hidden gift we have each inherited from our great ancestors, the power of Tefillah - prayer. Throughout our history, anytime a community faced a crisis they gathered together and prayed for salvation in perfect unity. In fact, many cities had a town square that was dedicated to such prayer and gatherings.

With the power of technology, we can unite in prayer like never before. Join the international Jewish community for #Pause4Prayer; a half-hour of prayer, charity, and absolute unity.

Please see below for an outline of the program. It was designed to allow each individual to pray on their own level for the blessings we each need personally, along with prayers for the world at large.  

Pause 4 Prayer_png.png