Happy Chanukah!
Join the Chanukah celebrations with your community at Chabad of Southern Minnesota
Chanukah Extravaganza
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Wednesday // December 18
Menorah Workshop - Home Depot: 5:00pm

Sunday // December 22

2nd Street Party and Toy Drive Donation at Chabad: 5:30pm
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Monday // December 23
Downtown Rochester - University Square: 5:00pm
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Thursday // December 26
Chanukah Soiree: 7:30pm
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Sunday // December 29
Bridge Square - Northfield MN: 5:00pm
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Public Menorah Lighting

Monday, December 23rd

5 PM

University Square

  • Music
  • Latkes
  • Handouts and Giveaways
  • Fresh Donuts
For more info, contact the office.

Kids' Program
It'll be blast for kids 

There will be a pre-hanukah Menorah Workshop at the Home Depot

Wed. Dec. 18 5pm

Chanukah Soiree
It'll be a party!

There will be young professionals, older people, middle aged couples, and maybe even college students. One thing is for sure, they will be so happy to have come and they will share their good memories with their friends. So many people will be coming to your Chabad House that it'll be awesome!
Thu. Dec. 26 7:30pm 

Want Your Own Menorah?
We'll be giving out kits with menorahs and candles. You could even come with and help us distribute them!

Throughout the holiday

At the celebrations

Chanukah How-To
Not sure whether it's set up left to right or right to left or whether it's lit right to left or left to right?

We can help!

Click here to check out tutorials.