Justice and the War on Terror: Tuesday, November, 12 & 19 2019
Terrorism forces us to confront impossible dilemmas: Should one pay hefty ransoms to terrorists in exchange for the life and freedom of an innocent hostage? Can torture be deemed ethical when used to extract information that can immediately save thousands of lives? 



Inclusion Seminar: Tuesday, February, 25th 2020

Inclusion as a movement advocates for the opportunity for all people to fully participate in society. This 90 minute seminar is predicated on the understanding that real and enduring societal change is achieved by transforming individual minds and hearts.


Gratitude Seminar - Waking Up To Life: Tuesday, May 19 2020

This 90-minute seminar focuses on the importance of being thankful to increased happiness. Participants are empowered with practical tools to recognize the presence of the Divine in their daily lives and lead a life infused with positivity and happiness.


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